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Show notes:

TOB: On HIV/AIDs in Africa

Three great books on this subject - Catholic Ethicists on HIV/AIDs Prevention, Avoiding AIDS Affirming Love, Broken Promises

All links to above books will take you to Amazon (UK).

Lab Report

Religion will die out research - here

Guardian’s article, No faith in this idea that religion is dying out - here

CT Scan and facial reconstruction for Simon of Sudbury, former Archbishop of Canterbury - here

National Catholic Register (not the ‘New Catholic Register’ as I stated in this episode) article on overpopulation alarmists such as Sir David Attenborough - here

Daily Science article on Impact of sex selection and abortion in China, India and South Korea - here

Nature paper on how Human eggs ‘woo’ sperm and target for non-hormonal contraceptives (Subscription is required) - here